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The Latest Hot ICOs To Watch, The Weekly Cryptocoin.News Roundup


It’s been another great week for crypto news, even if the global markets have gone on another of their roller coaster slides again. Overall we are seeing a lot of signs to suggest that the market is maturing, and more and more great tech is being built to help counter the scammers and con artists (Experty and Beetoken are probably kicking themselves they didn’t use Clearify). January was also an awesome month for Cryptocoin.News as we saw a nearly doubling in our traffic, following on from a previous doubling over the previous month too. All in this means visitors to the site has doubled twice in two months, if we can keep this up we will be the Binance of Crypto news by Q2! Fingers crossed and enjoy the ride with us. Here is our weekly round up of the latest ICOs all reviewed by our impartial team of writers, none of whom have any personal involvement in the companies they research and write about.

Friendz: Blockchain Innovation In Digital Marketing

World First – SkyTao ICO Review: An Interactive Consultation Network On The Blockchain

VICoin ICO Review: Serious Games For Serious Business

Narrative Network ICO Review – A Social Media Network

Nimiq: World’s First Browser-Based Blockchain Ecosystem

Africa’s Indigenous And Enduring ICOs

Nuggets ICO Review: ECommerce And ID Preservation Built On Blockchain

Viewly ICO Review: Decentralized Video-Sharing Platform On The Blockchain

Ehab ICO Review: Blockchain Solution To The Housing Crisis

Pocketinns ICO Review: World’s First Decentralized Marketplace Ecosystem

CVproof: A Recruitment Revolution On The Blockchain

Plancoin ICO Review: Blockchain-based Payment Platform For ECommerce And Online Trading

Omnitude ICO Review: Middleware Connectivity And Fraud Prevention Services For ECommerce, Built On The Blockchain

Quadum – Collaborative Stock Market Analysis Meta Model

ICOs This Week: A New Wave Of Medical Tech, The Savior Of Green Energy, And More

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